Here are some of my clients’ opinions about my work as their consultant and career coach. Maybe you will be my next happy client?

Ms. Alexandra Kucherenko’s professionalism and genuine willingness to provide the best possible coaching services and uncover her client’s potential is what; in my opinion, sets her apart from other career coaches.

My name is Julian Hammad, a Junior Account Manager/Project Coordinator based in Brussels, Belgium, and I have recently enlisted the career coaching services of Ms. Kucherenko in order to better understand:
– What career paths are currently optimal for me to pursue given my academic background, prior work experiences and aspirations. – How to prepare and perform in job interviews (in French and English) &
– How to format a C.V. and motivation letter to better align with a specific job’s requirements and expectations.

Furthermore, Ms. Kucherenko provided excellent advice on tackling multiple immigration related situations that I was going through at the time of the coaching sessions, as a foreigner seeking a job in Europe.

Julian Hammad

Alexandra helped me get my dream job!

I was contacted by Alexandra while she was recruiting clinical professionals from Germany for an off-shore world-class pharmaceutical company.

From the very beginning, I was particularly impressed by Alexandra´s professionalism. She is a patient listener and soft-spoken person, who always has the right advice for you. Whenever I needed her advice or help during any stage of the interview process, she was just a phone call away.

She is very prompt with her communication and always provided me with the best answers to my questions much sooner than I expected. That helped me immensely in getting all the issues resolved in a timely manner, which in turn had a decisively positive effect on the entire hiring process.

Simply put, Alexandra is an excellent recruiter and any job seeker would be lucky to take her consultation.

Sandesh Singh

  Clinical Research Professional at Eli Lilly & Co.

Being a student without serious professional experience I struggled looking for my first job, because basically I was interested in international companies. Therefore, I wanted the potential employers to see my profile with all my skills and experience represented in a strong way.

Alexandra helped me a lot, namely gave many detailed comments regarding my CV, specific recommendations for improving it, and also personal career advice.

I can definitely say it was a valuable consultation since my CV was noticed by many international corporations and as a result – I’ve got a job at Big-4!

Thus, I would recommend Alexandra as a good career coach for recent graduates.

Veronika Kovaleva

Alexandra is a talented professional and an excellent person.

I strongly recommend her for her interpersonal qualities, attention and guidelines in my recruitment process.

Thousand blessings

Veronica Milani

  Clinical Research Associate at ICON plc

Alexandra was my recruitment consultant for a position within a renowned international pharmaceutical company and thanks to her my recruitment process was stress-free and effective.

I highly recommend Alexandra for her professionalism, her ability to see beyond the CV, her convincing way and knowledge of the client-company procedures.

She was the catalyst and facilitator of my recruitment process.

I was very lucky to work with Alexandra

René Mbaduko

  Clilincal Trial Profesional – Regulatory and Site Activation Specialist at Eli Lilly & Co.

I had the opportunity to be in touch with Ms. Kucherenko during my recruiting procedure for a pharmaceutical company.

She was available throughout the recruitment process including helping me prepare my interviews but also answering my questions very quickly.

She speaks perfect French which facilitates our communication.

If I got the job it’s largely thanks to her.

Cécile Bielmann

  Chef de projet Recherche Clinique at Hôpital Saint Joseph

I was contacted by Alexandra while she was recruiting a coordinator logistic for an international automotive company in Maastricht.

Alexandra is an excellent recruiter, she is available, good listener and she gives good advices if you have to pass a process recruitment. 

Thank you for your professionalism.

Amadou Gueye

  Superviseur logistique chez Le Groupe La Poste

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